The nightmare I.T. universe, wow. Security issues, keeping up with the technology that’s always changing, managing consultants, managing employees, taking care of day-to-day operations of my business, of our business, making sure everyone’s productive, making sure our licenses are current.

It’s a huge job. You’re juggling stuff all the time in my role.

Because I can’t keep up, I just can’t. There’s everything’s changing. There’s a new technology, and then there are new cyber-attacks, and I am not a techie.

A lot of the systems were put in place by, I would say, tape and band-aids.

And so, it was time to professionalize and start to institutionalize our organization.

Also, as a financial institution, we are under a lot of regulation. We have compliance needs.

We have third-party audits that happen, and these things are changing.

Regulators are getting much more aggressive, and looking at how the technology is set up within a financial institution needs to be much more accounting-oriented.

One of them is just simply security, and there’s no question that if you follow the news and you look at that the types of attacks that are taking place on organizations,

You realize that a person has to spend an awful lot of time on cyber security.
But that basically, yeah, there’s a lot of balls in the air for this job all the time.
Then what happened was COVID hit. We had to go fully remote, and we weren’t ready.

So we met Xterra. They helped us develop a plan to deploy laptops to all of our staff.
So in my particular case, I felt very comfortable having Xterra. They helped the organization manage that infrastructure while focusing on business analytics, business intelligence, and communications.
In my view, it helped my I.T. organization become more valuable to the organization.
And Xterra stood out because they seemed to get us to understand our industry, and the finance side of the business from an I.T. perspective is slightly different.
And they seem to understand where we’re trying to go, what we’re trying to get to. And so that’s why we chose Xterra.
Xterra’s value proposition is to free us up to focus on our core business processes.

They act much more like a partner than a consultant and take a proactive approach to manage our network and infrastructure.

Techs who are good in their field don’t grow on trees at their skill sets like that. So they’re hard to find, hard to find good ones.
And Xterra hits the sweet spot of us.
I think that what Xterra has done is it has helped me.

You know, you sleep better at night knowing that the infrastructure is well-managed.

Having a very professional team, a personable team that you like to interact with. I think that goes a long way to collaboration.

They make things easier.

They’re always available, which I feel really bad about. And so we try not to do any. After our calls, I feel like,

OK, so this is the silly part. It’s like they’re holding my hand as I go through it.

Having a very professional team, a personable team that you like to interact with. I think that goes a long way to collaboration.