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Your Journey Deserves a Trustworthy Guide

Suffice to say; we’ve been on more than a few technology journeys with a bunch of treasured travel mates. So please take a few moments to hear from our decidedly happy clients.


Talk is cheap, but endorsements are priceless. Here are just a few of our valued clients that would like to share a bit of their journey with you.

“Xterra acts much more like a partner than a consultant. They take a proactive approach to managing our network and infrastructure. I feel they are a very professional team, yet a personable team that you like to interact with. I think that goes a long way to successful collaboration.”

Anthony Vitale
SVP/CIO Chief Information Officer,
SF Fire Credit Union

“They have a lot of individuals on the team that are segmented. It’s nice to have experts in each area. If there’s a specific area I’m looking for, they have the people in-house to do it.”

Anthony Vitale
SVP/CIO Chief Information Officer,
SF Fire Credit Union

“It’s great with Xterra. They get our business, and so there’s a lot of nuances to the venture world. I can once again focus on being a CFO, so I’m able to step back and do what I do best and not have to worry about IT. I can give it to Xterra, let them take the ball and they can handle any issues as they come up.”

Pat Reilly

“Life is a lot better with Xterra. I feel confident that our technology is working and will continue to work. They make it so that it’s easier for our staff to work productively all the time. Working with Xterra gives me certainty. They’re holding your hand and taking you through what you need to get through.”

Gail Quan
Director of Legal, Operations, and People,

“I think one of the things that I really appreciated about Xterra was that they not only did a good job of managing the infrastructure, but they provided the documentation that our regulators could look at and go, Oh, that was good, really good.”

Michael Williams
Former SVP Technology,
Cooley LLP

“Xterra’s got expertise in areas where I really need it, I count on them also for desktop support – they’ve been doing a really great job on that. I also count on them for the security updates and training that we do. They’ve just really filled in in the places where I really needed help. And it’s been a big, big plus for us.”

Charlie Lamm
Pisces Inc.

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