The modern workforce operates 24×7 from anywhere. Which is precisely why your IT Support needs to mirror that reality.

As part of Xterra’s IT Managed Services, our Service Desk provides your team with 24×7 access to experts to keep everyone connected and effective to give you peace of mind. We understand that the Service Desk is a critical component of efficient organizational operations by addressing end-user service requests with the right priority and the right resources; it’s also where we can inspire an exceptional level of client satisfaction.

24×7 Service Desk

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I would choose Xterra as a partner for the main reason that their staff is impeccable. They are the absolute best at what they do.

Byron R.
Systems Architect

Remote and Onsite Support

No matter where issues arise, we’ll be there to provide a fast solution. With remote and onsite support, you get support where your people are; in the office, while traveling, or working from home. Rest assured that if challenges can’t be resolved remotely, that an expert will be there to get your issues resolved.

  • San Francisco-based support team
  • Advanced and secure 24×7 remote support anywhere on the globe
  • Onsite office support available at an affordable fixed fee – when we’re needed, we’re there to save the day without onerous one-time charges
  • Prescheduled onsite visits available for everything from new computer setups to Support By Walking Around because sometimes it takes seeing a technician to remember you need that thing fixed

ITIL-Based Service Delivery System

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of best practices for effective IT Service management. Today, it’s widely adopted by many organizations to streamline technology operations. So how does ITIL benefit you? Our ITIL-based system includes a defined set of services provided to your organization. This includes both pre-defined services as well as customized services based on your organization’s needs and maturity and puts us on a path of Continual Service Improvement (CSI) – improving processes and optimizing workflows so that we just keep getting better the more we work with you.

  • All issues addressed to resolution – we won’t let anything slip between the cracks
  • Complete status and transparency – you’ll know what’s happening at all times
  • Comprehensive support trend analytics – know where patterns are emerging to alter or optimize processes


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Secure Desktop Sharing Assistance

Remote desktop sharing capability is a fundamental part of any remote support strategy. This enables technicians to perform operations remotely for hassle-free troubleshooting. With our secure and auditable remote desktop software, we can remotely control the Windows and Mac computers in your fleet.

  • Guaranteed privacy – end users allow or deny authorization before we can see your screen
  • An effective and convenient solution – 85% of issues can be solved remotely
  • Reduced time to resolution – resolve issues more quickly vs. onsite
  • Aligned to the new reality – ideal for WFH or remote staff
  • Server level audibility and logs of every action for peace of mind

Smartphone and Tablet Support

Get immediate access to our technicians when your smart devices have dumb problems. From hiccoughs to headaches, Xterra technicians have the expertise to address the challenges of today’s modern mobility issues. We can help set up a new device, configure your multi-factor authentication application, and enroll your device in a management policy – we’re here to help you through it all.

  • Eliminate security gaps – ensure mobile devices are managed so that organizational data is secure
  • Remote data wipe – enable the ability to immediately decommission lost or stolen devices
  • Xterra Solutions is a proud member of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN #2043744)

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