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It’s Time to See Yourself as a Bona Fide IT Visionary

The way we see it, an exceptional career path always leads back to your ambition, heart, and mind. It’s a driving force that needs to be nurtured and explored. We’d be honored to join you on this journey.

Be Aware of Hiring Scams

Yes, Xterra is hiring, but we only email from an email address. Please delete any emails that look to be from Xterra, but are not using the domain.

For additional information on job scams, please read this:


We live in exceptional times; the result of this are some pretty unique opportunities. You know, like aligning yourself with Xterra. Call it culture, vibe, or how we roll; we’re onto something here. We’re hardcore technologists with a soft side that embraces balance, family, friends, contribution, and community karma. So if you believe you’re an exception to the status quo, we’d like to get to know you.

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Meet Sophia. For a little background, the name Sophia has Greek origins meaning wisdom. So associating our core values around this concept just feels right to us. We hope you agree.


We create client delight by providing exceptional service.


We set positive expectations of others and ourselves.


We help motivated employees succeed and connect to their fullest potential.


We recognize that we are imperfect but always strive to improve.


We promote high ethical standards and keep our promises.


We hold ourselves and each other accountable for our commitments and actions.


We’re the trusted IT Guide for innovative organizations.

The bottom line is this; a high-performing technology infrastructure is the innovative catalyst companies depend on to bring their value to the world. That puts the Xterra team on the front line of moving the world forward, one compelling client at a time. They trust us to be ahead of the curve and think outside the box. You know, just like you.


Your passion for technology is how we’ll continue to grow our value.

We’re going to assume that you wouldn’t be here in this moment, reading this text, unless at some core level you have a real passion for technology. So do we. Rest assured, as an organization, we prize and nurture that passion, ensuring individual growth, our organization’s strength, and ultimately business value to our treasured clients.


We’re committed to providing a compelling career path and enjoyable journey.

We pay for performance

We’re big fans of sharing the success of Xterra with our employees. We provide a bonus plan that shares in the profit at Xterra which heavily factors in your individual achievements. The value you provide is recognized and success is shared by all.

100% take it as you need it PTO

To encourage work/life balance, we take a human approach to your time. As a result, we encourage you to take the time you need to relax, recover, and recreate. We only keep track if you don’t take enough time off because scheduled downtime isn’t just for computers.

100% medical, dental and vision coverage

We’re big on wellness and healthcare peace of mind. We offer comprehensive coverage with A-list providers where you can select the provider you’re most comfortable with. Preventative maintenance and patching is a great way to keep a system running well.

401k profit sharing

We’re investing in you for the long haul. As a result, we provide company profit sharing funds into your 401K plan so that we can contribute to your future financial health as well as attend to your current needs. This gives you confidence that the time you spend with Xterra is invested well.

Team building events

We do our best to create a culture of fun, adventure, and generally doing very cool things. You know, like a great ski trip where you’re invited to bring your entire family along; renting a movie theater for a private showing; poker nights; bowing; trivia games; escape rooms; happy hours; and just hanging out with each other.

Ongoing technical and leadership training

The way we see it, every day is an opportunity to grow. Our mission statement is to build a talented, fun, masterful engineering team that delivers excellence in IT services. Training is a component of mastery and we encourage you to take advantage of the training opportunities we provide, to accelerate your career track through ongoing technical education, and your life track with personal leadership training.

Community support sponsorship

We’re part of a community, and the community is a big part of us. So you choose the organization or cause you’d like to support, and we’ll compensate you for the time you’ve volunteered. It’s one of those rare win/win/win scenarios.


Take a glance at some of our open positions to see if they have your name written on it.

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And they don’t. We do. We feel the quality of life is directly proportionate to the quality of challenges you embrace.