You read about the latest trends around what are best practices, you know, when you hear these phishing attacks every day, it’s happening.

And it’s hard to know really, who do you, who do you trust?

I know that many of the companies we talk to feel like they’re going down the cereal aisle. They don’t know what to pick. They don’t know what to choose.

Our value prop is to distill down the signal from the noise.

To lead them through the decision-making process and make sure that they’re buying for what they need.

In terms of why Xterra, the number one is we feel your pain.

We come from large enterprises, so we understand what it feels like to feel these frustrations.

The next thing is that we’re local, we’re hyper-local, we’re right down the street from so many of our clients, which is excellent.

You know, when we need to drop by, we’re just downstairs and a few blocks away. So it makes a real difference.

We want to be our client’s trusted guide.

Understanding their business needs understand, really, where are they trying to go?

Are they contracting as a business? Are they expanding? Are they looking to go into new markets? Each of those different directions means a different technology to support it.

And then from there, you know, we have an entire team of architects, engineers, support personnel. And each of those brings a unique perspective to come up with the I.T. kind of an in-state architecture for our clients.

We understand where the business is going and where the technology is going.

We work backward to say, OK, here’s what it looks like at your three. Here’s what it looks like at your two and then your one. And that allows our clients to plan for budgeting.

That means that they can communicate with their leadership team and their shareholders. It allows everybody to be really on the same page regarding technology.

One of the things that are unique about Xterra is our pricing model. We have a per-user pricing model, and that should be pretty understandable.

And so we’ve taken that simplified model, and we’ve applied it to our ICI services. And what that does is it allows you to as your company is growing, your I.T. support costs grow with it.

If your company needs to contract, you also reduce your I.T. services costs.

And so that way, it always stays in alignment. So you don’t ever end up with a huge I.T. support bill when maybe your company no longer has the needs for that.

So we’re excited about our services.

And what that means is that, you know, we stand behind our service.

We have a 100 percent uptime guarantee for clients on our technology standards, and we have a 90-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re looking to move on to a new provider potentially, it can be scary.

It could be expensive to switch. And so we understand that that that that can be difficult.

And so we’ve come up with the 90-day money-back guarantee you’ll get your monthly fees back if it’s not a good fit.

Because ultimately, we’re looking for long-term partners. We’re not looking to lock anybody into any contracts that aren’t a good fit.

And I can proudly say that we’ve never had to give that money back so far.

When it comes to security, I’d say it’s probably about the last three or four years the market has just changed.

When it comes to ransomware and crypto, companies are getting their whole business ultimately held for ransom.

You hear about it here and there from publicly traded companies, But it’s happening even more than people realize. So we said, OK, let’s take a step back here; how do we solve this systemically?

And so what we did is we implemented a complete security first program based on the NIST cybersecurity framework.

And really, what that means is that we’ve got a holistic approach to security.

We’re looking at it end to end its standards-based, and that allows us to make sure that we’re not getting distracted by shiny objects.

So we deliver our services in both kinds of a complete, full-stack managed service where we do everything. We are your I.T. department.

We can also do a co-managed solution where maybe you have internal I.T. staff and you, Hey, you know what? We love those people. They’re awesome. They understand our business.

That’s great. We’re here to help complement that and provide a holistic solution.

And so, getting started is easy. You just need to reach out. Set up a quick 30-minute call.

And from there, we’ll get to know each other see if we’re a good fit for each other. And yeah, it’s easy to do.