Technology is moving rapidly, and evolution is getting faster and faster and faster.

Our job is to understand how businesses adopt and use technology in their day-to-day technology environment—and make sure that you can both use it securely and reliably in a satisfactory way to both the employees and the management.

That’s a challenging task to take, really understanding how every one of our clients uses new technology and helping them manage it over time. But, it’s one of those things that we think we do fairly well.

So that Xterra, we focus on four primary outcomes for our clients.

The first one is reducing risk, taking the risks of just using the internet and the ransomware, and all the malware and things that can happen using technology—taking all of that risk and either transferring some of it to Xterra or for the risk that can’t be transferred—really helping businesses understand their risks and how to mitigate those risks in their environment.

For controlling costs, we think about how fixed fee pricing works to help align Xterra with your business outcomes. If we had a flexible pricing model where the more time we spend fixing issues in the environment, we’re not motivated to fix those core problems. So we use our proactive work to ensure that technology is managed, patched, and operating correctly. And then we put on top of that a fixed fee pricing so that we’re penalized if things go offline or if things aren’t doing well.

The third main item in Xterra is helping you increase your revenue. The idea here is to make sure that your employees are as productive as possible. Technology isn’t a challenge. It’s part of their capability to produce. Suppose computers go down if they can’t print if they can’t make a phone call. The internet’s going out if you get ransomware if all of these things happen. That’s downtime, which directly impacts the revenue you can produce in your environment.

The fourth item is fostering innovation. We make sure that our clients have the best technology platform to collaborate within themselves to produce the innovation you need to drive your business.

So taking the next steps with Xterra is easy to set up a 30-minute call. We’ll talk about your pain points and what you’re looking for in a 90-minute services provider during that call. We’ll see if there’s a good fit. If so, we’ll move on to the second step, which is to do a quick assessment. We’ll take a look at your environment see how things are. If that works out, we’ll take it to the third step, presenting the proposal for your environment to you.