It is a complex technology world with many complex options; technology, even for professionals, is moving at an incredibly rapid pace.

So we see some companies that see technology as a kind of a necessary evil. You want to do the absolute minimum, right? I don’t want to spend any money at all.

The landscape has changed because they realize that technology can help the organization innovate and strategically be ahead of the curve.

That’s where our most significant value is; for companies that want to use technology.

To go faster, to do more, to essentially use, you know, tech with the right technology.

It makes all the difference being able to collaborate, communicate when you need to, where you need to for an effective price.

We focus on our mission statement to build a talented, fun, masterful engineering team to deliver excellence in I.T. services.

So the majority of our clients are professional services companies. They should not be burdened with making sure their computer works.

We call it kind of a white-glove approach. We go the extra mile to talk with our clients to make sure that not only we get the job done but that they feel good about it, right?

Because we’re hyper-localized within San Francisco, most of our clients are within walking distance of the San Francisco office.

We’re connected to our community. We’re connected to our local people and our clients, and we really love this city.

So we’re inclusive of everything, everything from technology to humans. That’s core to hear here at Xterra.

So we want to be your trusted advisor.

We have a deep bench of technology strength at Xterra. Architects, engineers, cloud specialists, and people who focus on security capability work with technology in all aspects.

So, in terms of the kind of a company, we’ve got a relatively transparent process.

And so there are just no secrets.

A lot of what we do is provide interpersonal trust and trust in the technology you’re using.

Trust that you understand where it’s going in the future, really understand that roadmap, and understand how it fits together in the future.

And so that leads to a transparent culture with high levels of trust and low fear. And so, just culturally, what’s important here at Xterra is to have partners and clients in alignment with that type of culture.

The more we share, the more they know about us, and they’re going to be able to identify, Hey, they’re the right people for us or not.

And knowing that we’re doing that on an ongoing basis feels good.